My weight loss journey series: vol 4 – The first sweet rewards

Because I lost so much weight at the beginning, I pretty quickly noticed and felt the weight loss. It really was amazing when you’re in the shower, and can actually feel your arms and waist being smaller! It gives extra motivation, when you can notice that what you’re doing is actually working.

My clothes have been fitting better too. Not to mention, I was recently able to wear a blouse I hadn’t worn for quite a while, and also a top I had bought two years prior, but which was always too tight. I have now worn it when going out for dinner. This is so fantastic.

Just before Christmas I decided to buy some clothes, with a thinking that I’ll already start buying some smaller ones, size I don’t have much at all waiting for me in my wardrobe, and once I’ve lost perhaps another 6kg (13lbs) I can wear them. Out of the 8 items I bought, I’m already able to wear 5 of them! Now, I was not expecting that. Perhaps with these particular retailers the sizes come big (?), however this was still hugely rewarding. And the way these clothes fit really showcase my weight loss.

Couple of days ago, I took out a pair of trousers (one of my favourites) that have been at the bottom of the pile for probably a few years, waiting for the day they fit again. I wanted to see how close I am to wearing them. They fit! I’ve already worn them twice since.

The two pictures below have been taken by my husband on two separate holidays. The weight difference between the pictures is about 9kg (19.8lbs). I can clearly see differences, and even my husband, who admits isn’t very good at noticing them, can see some differences. I’m in a good place to carry on.


I hope everyone trying to lose weight will reach these kind of milestones.

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Lover of good food. Fine dining as a hobby, home cooking as a passion.

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