My weight loss journey series: vol 6 – Doesn’t anyone notice I’ve lost a lot of weight?

So far I’ve lost 11kg (24lbs) since starting in September.

A while ago I was getting baffled by almost no one saying anything about the weight I’d lost. I started doubting whether it was actually showing.

Even though the scale was showing from -7kg (15lbs) to -10kg (22lbs) over a period of time, I thought the weight loss was noticeable, and clothes were fitting better, the dilemma I was facing was that no one was commenting on it.

I can understand that my husband wouldn’t really see it so well, as we see each other every day, but I thought it was strange no one else was mentioning it.

When I brought my weight loss up in conversations, then everyone always said they had noticed I had lost a lot of weight. I wasn’t sure whether they had or hadn’t, and were just trying to be polite when I mentioned it.

It wasn’t until I had a discussion with couple of separate people about it. They said they didn’t want to say anything, because ‘if you say to someone they’ve lost weight you’re saying they were fat’! Apparently it’s a no go area to say to a woman they have lost weight.

I would never have guessed this, nor would I understand anyone getting offended when they get told they’ve lost weight, am I alone thinking this way?

So, if no one is saying anything to you, don’t worry about it. Most likely they don’t want to say anything because they think they might offend you if they commented on it. Just keep going, and trust your own feelings.

Below are couple of example recipes of foods I’m eating a lot of. I tend to leave out potatoes and rice from my weekday meals, and save eating them to when I’m eating out, or cook a roast etc., special occasions. You should also be aware that avocado (which I have on the salmon recipe) has quite a lot of calories.

Simple steamed salmon

Easy oven grilled sea bass and vegetables

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Lover of good food. Fine dining as a hobby, home cooking as a passion.

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