Cheese soufflé with bacon crumb

I’ve been wanting to attempt making soufflé for quite a long time, and finally thought it was time. I thought it might be a interesting change to my usual soft boiled breakfast eggs, and to give a bit more of a breakfast feel, top it with bacon crumb. I was relieved that my soufflés rose. My husband was worried the cheese would be too overpowering, however that luckily wasn’t the case. Depending on the size of your ramekins, this recipe could make 3-4.

15g butter

15g flour

150ml milk

35g finely grated gruyere cheese

1/2 tsp mustard powder

pinch or two ground white pepper

1 egg yolk

3 egg whites

1/4 tsp lemon juice



fine breadcrumbs, about 1 tbsp in each ramekin

2-3 thin bacon rashers

1. Grill the bacon slices in the oven at medium setting for about 10-12 minutes, turning once. Let it cool, and crumble very finely.


2. Preheat the oven to 150°C (fan) / 300°F, keeping the oven tray in during the heating.

3. Butter the ramekins (easiest way is to put a small piece of butter in a kitchen tissue, and wipe the ramekins with that by hand. Pour the breadcrumbs in the ramekins, and turn them around until all surfaces are coated.


4. Warm the milk in a pot. In another pot, melt the butter, add the flour and mix together. Little by little, pour the milk in, whisking together until smooth. Add the cheese and mustard powder, mix well and cook for few minutes, stirring. Remove from the heat and allow to cool a little bit.


5. Whisk the egg whites and lemon juice until fluffy and peaks form.


6. Whisk the egg yolk to the slightly cooled mixture, and season with white pepper. Add a third of the egg whites, and whisk into the mixture. After this, fold the remaining egg whites in carefully, using a large spoon or spatula.


7. Pour the mixture into the ramekins, fill them about 3/4 to the capacity. Place the ramekins on the warmed oven tray, and bake for about 15 minutes. Don’t open the oven door during the baking. Once baked, sprinkle the bacon crumb on top.


Author: luxlifefinn

Lover of good food. Fine dining as a hobby, home cooking as a passion.

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